Lanesboro 150 Years: 1869 - 2019




Today a Guest,
Tomorrow a Neighbor

Lanesboro, nestled in Minnesota’s beautiful bluff country, is a progressive community with a small town heart. We have a nationally recognized arts community, breathtaking natural beauty, and abundant entrepreneurial employment opportunities. A life in Lanesboro allows you to live at your own speed, fully connected with all the conveniences of the modern world, or unplugged completely.


Lanesboro’s Assets

Lanesboro’s assets for potential residents and future visitors include year-round outdoor activities, arts, education, solar energy, fiber speed internet, entrepreneurial opportunities, and more.

Our community is uniquely positioned to welcome the kind of growth that maintains what makes this such a special and treasured place to live, grow and play!

Lanesboro Arts youth project exploring this rapidly changing town and its identity.





Looking Ahead …


Lanesboro is located in Fillmore County where recent studies document projections for healthy population growth and a promising future.

Lanesboro is located less than an hour away from Rochester, the home to the famed Mayo Clinic and the center point of the Destination Medical Center (DMC). At $5.6 billion dollars, the DMC is the largest economic development initiative in Minnesota history. Thousands of new residents and jobs are expected in the next two decades, promoting even more economic health in this region.

The Sesquicentennial Time Capsule will be buried on July 7, 2019, in Sylvan Park. It will be unearthed again during Lanesboro’s Bicentennial Celebration in 2069 when we come together again to celebrate Lanesboro’s past, present and future.